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We accept PPO insurance carriers. When you register as a new patient, we will ask for this information so please have your card ready. If your insurance changes or you change carriers, please call our office with the updated information.


Complimentary Pre-Delivery Tour

We offer a complimentary Pre-delivery appointment. At this appointment you'll be able to take a tour of our office and learn more about how Garden Pediatrics is run and what to expect at your appointments. Come see if we are the right fit for you! Call our office to schedule a free visit now. 909.792.8866


Register with Us

To register with Garden Pediatrics, you must do it through our Patient Portal.



We offer a complimentary, in office, pre-delivery visit as you await your new baby. Please call to schedule this visit. During this appointment, you will tour our office and meet with one of our physicians. This time is valuable to discuss how Garden Pediatrics operates, any concerns you may have as well as the health care plan for your newborn. The partnership you build with your pediatrician is amongst the most important, as you care for your newborn, and this visit can help ensure we find a common fit as we work together as a big family.


Our local hospitals have pediatric hospitalists who will see your newborn after they are born. These doctors will let you know when your newborn should be seen for their first outpatient visit. Normally, this is around day 4 of life or within a day or two of discharge. When you call and let us know your baby is born and what day the discharging doctor wants them to be seen and we will make an appointment for that date.  


If you elect, we offer circumcisions for infant males. This can be done at the hospital or soon afterward in our office. Some health plans do not cover this procedure – in these instances you can pay for the service directly.


The birth of a baby is an exciting time for everyone. It can also be a little frightening, especially the first time. Our staff is here to support you and your new child as you navigate this new adventure.



The doctors and staff at Garden Pediatrics are strong advocates for vaccination. We believe that the opportunity to immunize our children is one of the greatest gifts science has given us. We also understand that it is the parents right and responsibility to make medical decisions for their children. In that spirit, we want to be sure you feel encouraged to discuss your questions and concerns with us. If you would like to wait on vaccinations or vaccinate on a different schedule than recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) or Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we require that you schedule a visit with us first prior to any other of your child's appointments so that we can discuss your child's plan of care, immunization and scheduling. We cannot combine other visits with this first vaccination schedule discussion appointment. This visit usually takes approximately 30 minutes, so please plan accordingly.


Phone System 

When you call our office you will be prompted to select a department. With our automated phone system we are able to better direct your call. The best solution is to leave a message for the extension you need, as voicemail will be most often returned first.   


To ensure the best care for your child, we have a nurse phone line available, 24x7x365.


During business hours when you call our office we have a nurse line dedicated to answering your medical questions or concerns. Our staff will listen to your questions, give recommendations or direction, and will send a message to your child’s primary provider to let them know what is going on.  If further action is recommended, the staff will reach out to you with this additional information.


During after hours when you call our office, we use an answering service that has nurse triage capabilities.  Often, you will leave a message and they will listen to your message and give you a call back with advice. Each completed call is sent to our office for review the next business day. Our staff will give you a follow-up call during business hours to make sure everything was completed and no further action is necessary. 

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to call: 909.792.8866.



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