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We all want to live our best life and especially want that for our children. The time to start good healthy habits is now. Need help getting started? Garden Pediatrics has designed a plan based on the Family Fit Plan book published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. An 8-session wellness program for families and corresponds to a chapter of the book, we’ll walk you through nutrition, exercise, strategies and how to beat those things that sabotage our wellness. 

•   Visits billed through your insurance

•   Must be completed in 9-17 weeks every other week is ideal

•   The doctor/PNP visit will occur prior to the chapter

•   Each eligible child signs up

•   With sign-up, receive one book per family*

•   Cannot be combined with other visits

•   MD/PNP has final discretion whether visit should be in-person or telehealth; but all visits can be in person if preferred by family

•   Ideally, all visits should be set up at the first meeting

The visits will be with your doctor or PNP every 1-2 weeks. Here are the details:

*If all sessions not completed, Garden Pediatrics is owed $20 for the book and binders

​Week 1            Chapter 1           Garden Pediatrics Visit

  • Vitals to include: Temp, HR, RR, BP, Wt, Ht, abd circumference

  • lab work will be ordered (obesity panel) if not done within the last year

  • Introduce the concept of the book, SWOT Analysis, running a family meeting and the first family meeting prep

  • Hand-outs: Book, binder, SWOT analysis, family activity (What’s your Why? Or Best Possible Family or How Well Does Your Family Function?)

​Week 2            Chapter 2           Telehealth 

  • Vitals: report weight

  • Go over labs if taken

  • Review family meeting(s)

  • Discuss baseline and assessments

  • Family meeting prep: The Starting Line

  • Hand-outs: Food log, Fit log, Sleep log, Screen

​Week 3            Chapter 3           Garden Pediatrics Visit

  • Family logs should be sent in 2-3 days prior to visit

  • Vitals: Temp, HR, RR, BP, Wt, Ht

  • Go over family baselines

  • Discuss baseline goals for:

    • Nutrition

    • Physical Activity

    • Sleep

    • Screen Time

    • Stress management

  • SMART goals

  • Hand-outs: Filled out SMART goals, Family Fit Tracker

​Week 4            Chapter 4           Garden Pediatrics Visit

  • Vitals: report weight

  • Discussion: Responsive parenting approach to mealtimes

  • Outline 5-step nutrition and mealtime makeover

  • Family meeting prep: nutrition and mealtimes

  • Hand-outs: Weekly meal planner

​Week 5            Chapter 5           Telehealth

  • Vitals: report weight

  • Mindfulness

  • Family meeting prep: mastering mindfulness

  • Hand-outs: The Hunger Scale, Taste Test Dips

​Week 6            Chapter 6           Telehealth

  • Vitals: report weight

  • Discussion: The 6 Ss (snacks, sweets, sugary drinks, screen time, sleep disruptors, slick sales and marketing)

  • Family meeting prep: outsmarting the 6 Ss

​Week 7            Chapter 7           In-House Visit

  • Vitals: Temp, HR, RR, BP

  • Labs: Order repeat labs if necessary (to be reviewed at next visit)

  • Discussion: Celebration!

  • Family meeting prep: savoring and celebrating success

  • Hand-out: Mindful Moment

​Week 8            Chapter 8           Telehealth – 

this should occur 2 weeks after prior visit 

  • Vitals: report weight

  • Labs: review labs

  • Discussion: Family rules to live by

  • Family meeting prep: making changes that stick

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