Garden Pediatrics and COVID-19

Garden Pediatrics is offering the COVID-19 Vaccine (Moderna)


Garden Pediatrics follows the San Bernardino County's COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Tiers:

In our continued efforts to prevent the spread of Sars-CoV-2 (the novel/“new” virus in the coronavirus family) while providing the best care to our patients, Garden Pediatrics continues to implement strategies to help slow and stop the spread of the virus. The health and well-being of our patients, families and staff is important to us. Making this space a safe place for you and your child to visit is of paramount importance to us. We will continue to provide you with updates as they become available.

Before Your Next Visit

There can be many symptoms of Covid-19.  Fever, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes are among those most often reported in children.  Recently, we’ve found that a Kawasaki like syndrome (MIS-C) is more highly associated with the Covid-19 infection in children  As it is a new virus, over time we will continue to learn more about how it’s exhibited in children but many children may have mild or have no symptoms at all.  Like all viruses, there is no treatment that our clinic (or emergency rooms/urgent care clinics) can provide to speed the healing process.  Even if you think your child may have Covid-19, you probably will not need to visit our clinic.

The primary reasons your child will need a sick-visit appointment in the office are:

  • Any fever (>100.4F) in a baby under 60 days

  • Respiratory distress, including a barking cough, increased work of breathing, or cough that interferes with sleep or play

  • Dehydration signs

  • Sore throat in the absence of cold symptoms

  • Ear pain for more than 2 days in kids older than 2 years old, or in conjunction with fever in kids younger than 2 years old

  • Fever above 100.4 

  • Loss of taste or smell

Along with any viral outbreak, other viruses and bacteria tend to increase their circulation as well. So there is a good chance of increase in other illnesses around the same time Covid-19 surges.


While we will continue to do limited telemedicine visits (every other ADHD quarterly, depression, anxiety, behavioral consults, lab-work reviews), we are reducing the indication list for telemedicine as it is important for us to be able to see and examine your child in person. 

Well Visits

Pediatricians nationwide are alarmed at the increased rate of delay in vaccinations. It is important that your child is seen for their recommended well visits and that they not be delayed. Due to the stay-at-home orders implemented in March, many well visits were rescheduled and now need to be made. We are increasing our availability so that we can get these visits in. In addition to vaccinations, well visits are important for making sure your child is growing and developing appropriately. By missing these appointments we may delay early recognition and treatment of illnesses and problems.

What We Are Doing Now

We will continue to make sure Garden Pediatrics is a safe place for you to come and bring your child. We are doing the following to ensure this:

  • Non-infectious, primarily Well Visits between 8am - 3pm

  • Sick Visits between 3pm - 5pm 

  • Increased cleaning in common areas and exam rooms

  • All toys and magazines will remain absent

  • Reward toys after the visit are still available but we will continue to not use the toy bins; please ask the receptionist on your way out

  • Limiting the number of people in the reception area to only two-three families -- please practice social distancing with only one family per park bench

  • All patients (older than 2yrs old) and parents entering must wear face masks

  • Continue to allow only one adult per patient being seen

  • Not allowing siblings back who do not have appointments

  • All people brought back will be screened with exposure questions at time of appointment, appointment confirmation and when arriving.

  • Temperatures will be taken for all people being brought back to the examination areas.

We understand that the above rules may be an imposition to some, but we are doing all we can while the rates are still elevated to make sure we're keeping this a healthy environment for you and for our team. 

Garden Pediatrics has separate Well and Sick entrances. Please make sure you're only coming into the well side if you are completely well. If you are unsure which side you should enter, please call the front desk from your car and ask for direction. 

Reassuring Your Child/Teen

There is a lot of uncertainty right now.  Normal routines and schedules continue to be upended. This can be challenging and stressful for our kids.  Here are some additional resources which hopefully are helpful to you as you navigate your discussions with them.  Reinforce that they are healthy and strong – that you are healthy and strong, and that all these things people are doing right now are to take care of each other.  And if they do get sick, they are going to be ok.


Click on the resources below and a new window will open: 

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please call or send a message through our patient portal at

Beginning June, our Sunday appointments will resume roughly four times per month as the doctors and nurse practitioners rotate which Sunday they work.  For specific hours, scroll to our hour section below or click here: hours

Our phones are still available 24 hours a day at 909-792-8866.

These changes are designed to keep all our patients and staff safe and we will continue to work to provide you with the very best care and be here when you need us most!

Thank you for your interest in Garden Pediatrics. Our devoted team consists of board-certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners. In many instances, we are moms ourselves, so we understand the joys and challenges involved in parenting. We want to help you enjoy the fun parts more fully and help make the tough parts more bearable. We take care of children from birth through college and we’d love to partner with you and help take care of yours!


Call our office at any time to arrange a complimentary predelivery tour or if you have any questions, we'd love to meet you!


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