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We at Garden Pediatrics realize that we are currently living in a challenging, ever-changing world amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to create a little reminder that we are all in this together and that we can thrive and find the good as we weather this storm.

We are challenging our Garden Pediatrics patients and families to spread kindness in your community — allowing space for us all to give back and be involved. We need each and every one of you to participate so we hope you’ll join us!

Contest Description: Participate in one of the following activities over the next two weeks and take a picture of your participation/finished product. Tag us in your pictures with the hashtag #GPchallenge. We will then have our staff vote and pick the top 3 winners who will each win a small prize! Please feel free to submit multiple entries if you would like to participate in more than one activity! Deadline for submissions: Thursday, April 16, 2020. If you want to try something not on the list feel free to use your creativity and tag us to be a part of the challenge.

**Be sure to practice safe social distancing techniques while participating in this challenge and as always, wash your hands often!**

We look forward to seeing all of the ways that you can give back!


Write an encouraging letter/e-mail or put up a post thanking any community member.

Do a chore for a sibling.

Tell a family member how much you love them.

Make someone laugh.

Set the table for dinner.

Recycle at home.

Tell someone why they are special to you.

Read a book to your sibling.

Say hello and smile at someone you see.

Make a homemade gift for someone.

Clean up your toys without being asked.

Say thank you to a family member.

Donate blood (if you qualify to be a donor).

Donate to a non-profit organization.

Donate any extra masks or gloves you may have to a local hospital, clinic or essential business.

Call a family member or friend and catch up/provide them with encouraging words (extra points to the person who makes a call with the most people on the call)

Write a message of encouragement with chalk on the sidewalk in front of your home.

Support a small business from home.

Plant something in your yard.

Cook a healthy meal at home.

Exercise at home with your family.

Take your pet on a walk.

Give a big tip.

Pay for the person behind you.

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