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12/3/2020 Update:

Rapid Testing: 

Garden Pediatrics is offering Abbott’s rapid molecular ID NOW Covid-19 testing. It has received emergency use authorization from the FDA. If you have travelled recently, been with family or friends outside of your immediate family or have known exposure, this may be a good test for you. If there are symptoms, we have other testing (BIOFIRE) which tests for a whole panel of common respiratory viruses and bacteria.

Scheduling Appointments:

Please call the office to schedule an appointment. Download the Anytime Pediatrics App for the virtual visit.

  • GP Patients: Patients are required to schedule a telemedicine visit which will be an insurance charge. The cost of the test itself is will be billed to your child’s insurance.

  • Adult family members can add on testing for themselves to the visit for $75 each

  • Non-GP Patients: We are only offering this to our Garden Pediatrics family and extended family


The results take about 15 minutes to obtain.  We ask that those being tested remain in their car while they await the results.  Results will be handed to them on a sheet of paper giving further instructions. 

If Negative 

You are likely not infected. However, continue current safety recommendations given to us by the state of California and CDC. If you have a negative test and are asymptomatic, quarantine for 7 days beyond exposure is recommended

If Positive and Symptoms

You are likely infected. Please quarantine and socially distance and wear masks even around family members if possible. Please make a follow up telemedicine appointment with your physician or nurse practitioner.

If Positive and NO Symptoms

You currently have Covid-19 but are an asymptomatic carrier. You can still infect others. Quarantine for 10-14 days and monitor for symptoms.

The following resources cover information about the test being used:

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