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Updated: 4/1/2021

In order to better serve our patients who live a distance away, as well as to be able to limit spreading COVID-19 when not absolutely necessary to be seen in office, Garden Pediatrics is continuing our telemedicine program.


What: Currently the types of visits* we’ll be seeing via telemedicine are –

  • Acne follow-ups

  • ADHD quarterly (every other, IF medication dosage, blood pressure and weight is stable)

  • Anxiety/depression

  • Behavioral consults/concerns

  • Coordination of care

  • Fever/cough/respiratory symptoms to determine whether a child needs to be seen*

  • Frenulectomy consults & follow-ups after procedures

  • Lab reviews 

  • Medication refills (medication discussions)


*an in-person visit may still be needed depending on the telemedicine appointment for any telemedicine visit but particularly for these


~ Please be ready to give your child’s current weight for all telemedicine visits ~


When: As scheduled - There is no “walk-in”

Patients must be up-to-date with well visits in order to schedule with telemedicine.

Where: From your home or wherever you are that has wifi 4G or 5G connection. NOT from a moving vehicle. Our doctor and nurse practitioners are instructed not to have appointments in these situations due to the safety risk as well as difficulty with changing mobile coverage while moving, thereby making communication difficult.

How: Doximity

  • Schedule your appointment with Garden Pediatrics, just like an in-person visit

    • You will be given an appointment time IN ADDITION TO a window of availability when you’re doctor or nurse practitioner will try to reach you

    • When scheduling, give the mobile number that you would like to receive the link texted to. The receptionist will confirm that number with you and that will be the only number we attempt to call.

  • Confirm your appointment time

  • Expect a text during the window and click on the link

  • If you aren’t able to click the link or have any problems/questions, please call or text the main office phone number

  • If you miss our attempts to reach you, without a call to reschedule or letting us know there of technical difficulties, this will count as a no-show

    • Just like in-person appointments, if you can’t make that appointment time, please reschedule or cancel prior with at least 24hrs notice.

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