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Garden Pediatrics is starting our own T-shirt line to help spread positive energy and advocate health and wellness. We will use high quality, renewable materials that we assure you will be comfy cozy.


Here's how it works:

  • We'll announce the "theme"/phrase for the shirt and will do a contest for the design

  • Contestants can be anyone; patients, parents, or friends of Garden Pediatrics

  • At the end of the month we post the theme, we'll chose the winning design

The contest winner will receive a monetary prize, a free t-shirt with their design, and a modeling gig demonstrating the new T to be used on our website where it will be sold (in addition to being able to purchase it in the office). 

The January theme was: 

"This Little Light of Mine"

Like the gospel song says, "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine" - let 2018 be a year where we commit and demonstrate to our families, to share the best of ourselves and help our world change for the better. 

January Winner:

The Bierwirth Family!

They created our "Shine" T-Shirt collection! These shirts are extremely soft and you can purchase them at our office or right here on our site: 

Shine shirts.jpeg
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