Not only do we offer common procedures such as circumcisions, we also offer many more in-house services!

Laser Lingual (tongue) and Labial (lip) Frenotomies 
Dr. Carter is currently the only Pediatrician in the Inland Empire doing these procedures with the biolase laser

right here in our office! For more information, see our handout: 

Newborn Manicure Express | $10 

Many parents are fearful of the first few trims of their precious infant’s nails.  We will help by carefully clipping the nails shorter and then filing them to soften the edges.


Newborn Manicure Deluxe | $15 

As above with instruction, materials and carry-case.


Cradle Cap Therapy | $30-$60 

Some parents are concerned about the cosmetic appearance of Seborrheic Dermatitis, which affects some infants. While not harmful but treatable, we provide a solution which can help remove it. Treatment and instructions are given along with supplies to repeat at home.


Infant Massage | $50 | 20 minutes  

Long touted as a relief for fussy babies with colic, infant massage can be a nice relaxation technique and another tool in your box of tricks to soothe your newborn. This massage involves soothing music and baby-safe moisturizing oils. 


Toddler Massage | $40 | 20 minutes  


Numbing Cream | $12 

This is useful for children who are afraid of injections and blood draws.  Cream is applied to the injection site 20 minutes prior to the procedure. Not available for ear-piercing.


Chambers & Masks   

With Mask | $45 

Without Mask | $30



Ear-Piercing Package Deal | $35

Our medical assistants are trained and will work with you on determining perfect placement of your child’s earrings.  The price reflects the procedure, cleaning aids, and a carry bag. *Earrings not included




Birth Stones | $20




















Elegant Shapes | $35
















Skin and Hair Care Products

Dermatologist recommended skin and hair care products for sensitive skin. Formulated and manufactured free of fragrance, masking fragrance, dyes, lanolin, parabens, and formaldehyde.













































Gift certificates available for all services listed

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Free & Clear Shampoo | $31
Free & Clear Conditioner | $31
Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser | $29
Robathol Bath Oil | $36
Cleansing Bar | $24
Moisturizing Skin Cream | $37.00
Lite Lotion | $33
SPF 50 | $37
Vaniply Ointment | $37
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Crystal flower
Blush Pink
Pink Pearl
Winnie the Pooh
*Limited Stock*
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