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At Garden Pediatrics we believe in transparency and ensuring that our patients and their families have access to clear and comprehensive financial information. Below is an overview of the financial aspects of our clinic. Details can be found in our financial agreement.


Payments and/or co-pays must be paid at check-in. If you have questions regarding your bill, contact our billing liaisons:

909.792.8866, ext. 3 or

Our billing service is provided by IPMSO.

In-Network Insurances

We are in network with most commercial PPO insurances. We also accept IEHP. It is required that you verify our in-network status prior to your visit. Please see cash pay prices for out of network costs.

Garden Select

For added accessibility and service we offer a concierge option that can be used in conjunction with insurance or outside of insurance if we are not in network with your plan. Click HERE for more information.

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