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By Dr. Cameo Carter, MD, FAAP

Laser Lingual (tongue) and Labial (lip) Frenotomies


Dr. Carter is currently the only Pediatrician in the Inland Empire doing this procedure with the biolase laser right here in our office!

Week 1

Dr. Carter meets with the parent(s) and listens to the struggles they and their baby have, performs the examination and gives recommendations, instructions and demonstrations of the exercises that need to be done prior to the procedure. Consent paper-work is given and completed. ($175*) 

Week 2

Today, the procedure is done by Dr. Carter as planned and discussed. Tylenol is dosed according to the infant's current weight and given prior to the procedure. Verbal and written reminders of the after-care instructions are given. ($300 maxillary labial, $300 lingual, $500 both*)

Week 3

During this final visit, Dr. Carter assesses the healing and the improvements that have resulted from the procedure. Rarely if needed, revisions may be done at this time. Further instructions for the rest of the healing period are given. ($100*)

*Prices listed are cash pay; PPO and IEHP insurances with referral, billed

Baby's Hand

What our patients are saying...

"When I came to the clinic with this concern, Dr. Carter examined and told us yes, there's very little lip tie but no operation needed."

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