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Patient Portal Instructions

The Garden Pediatrics Patient Communication Portal is a web-based platform where patient records can be accessed. This portal also allows for parents/patients to send a message to the practice. Options of who to send messages to are your assigned care team (MD or PNP and their assistant and administrative team) or to the front office for general questions and appointment requests. You can also request medication refills, view exit notes, view growth charts and immunizations, view lab results (which are released with associated appointments), and view past information.

The Portal is not for immediate or urgent communication as team members will access the portal when time allows. It is also not meant to replace medical advice which should be given during a visit.


Registration Instructions:  

  • Go to our website and click the PATIENT PORTAL button 

  • This can be found on the home page  

  •  Once on the Patient Portal, enter LOGIN and PASSWORD 

  • If not registered yet, follow prompts to CREATE AN ACCOUNT 

  • You will need a PIN number from the front office to complete this step     

  • If you are 12 years old or older then this will be your own information, select “SELF

  • If you are 12 and over and would like your parent to have access, you must sign “PROXY” form in office  

  • Fill out your child’s information (or your own if 12yrs old or older and not signing proxy) 

  • Then agree to the terms and conditions  

  • Select CONTINUE and go onto the next page  

  • Enter your child’s birthday and PIN (or your own if 12yrs old or older)  

  • After entering this information, you can either: 

  • Add another child, if you have their PIN 

  • Or select “CREATE MY ACCOUNT


General Notes:  

  • The portal is not a chat function in that it is not immediate, it is most like email  

  • Expect response within 2 full business days but may take longer depending on message load 

  • The portal does not serve as an appointment. You may be asked to schedule an appointment 

  • Some insurances may be billed for work that is done through the portal 

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