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Garden Select Concierge service brand mark

Concierge primary care, provided by Dr. Carter

*Additional $50 fee for texts or phone calls between the hours of 9pm and 7am

**Not to be used for emergencies

How To Enroll

Enrolling in Garden Select Concierge Plan is easy. Simply contact our practice manager, Josie Rogers, via phone or text at 909-488-9193 (8am-5pm M-F) and she will assist you in the enrollment process. We are committed to making the transition seamless and ensuring that you experience the full benefits of this exclusive plan.

What Garden Select members say...

We have been super pleased with the concierge program. We needed it right after we signed up and the process was seamless, it was extremely helpful to be able to text Dr. Carter and saved us a lot of time. Josie and Dr. Carter are very quick to respond and less then a month in, I’m a big believer in the value of the service. As a mom to three and business owner, it has already saved me a lot of time and energy, something I’m always needing! 

Sarah B.

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